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Electronic components has gone through a tube in order to represent the classic era of electronic components to the separation of semiconductor devices (including the low-frequency low-speed integrated circuit) represented by the age of miniaturization of electronic components, is now in order to enter the high-speed and high-frequency integrated circuits for processing The micro-electronic components on behalf of the times.

At present, the use of micro-electronic components of the formulation of the times there are different views, some of the micro-electronic integrated circuits as a synonym for dedicated, I think that is an electronic circuit as a whole, micro-electronic components is a reference to the long term, micro-electronics Xue microelectronics) and micro-engineering (microelectronicengineering) of the definition of that is that they are electronic engineering of a new branch of research is the ultra-small electronic components and integrated, that is, the study of micro-electronic components and circuit technologies and disciplines .


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